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Tape 1[]

  • Hugo Strange: Sit down, Mister Dent. It is Mr. Dent I am talking to, right?
  • Two-Face: Use our real name.
  • Hugo Strange: Two-Face? If you wish. Please. Sit.
  • Two-Face: What is it, Strange? Not happy just arresting us? Throwing us in this place.
  • Hugo Strange: I wish to understand you. I have read the reports, seen the footage and now I want to hear your side of the story.
  • Two-Face: We'll see.
  • Hugo Strange: I assume that you feel the need to toss your coin in order to decide whether to answer my questions.
  • Two-Face: You ready to find out?
  • Hugo Strange: Well?
  • Two-Face: Came up bad. Sorry.
  • Hugo Strange: Not a problem. Guard. Take Mr. Dent's coin off of him.
  • Two-Face: NO! No!
  • Hugo Strange: Good. Now, let us see what fate has in store for you.

Tape 2[]

  • Two-Face: I'll kill you for this.
  • Hugo Strange: Really? Look at your coin. It wants you to tell me about that day in the courtroom.
  • Two-Face: It was painful.
  • Hugo Strange: Elaborate.
  • Two-Face: I was naive. I thought I could make a difference. Falcone was going to go down for what he had done.
  • Hugo Strange: But he had other plans.
  • Two-Face: Look at my face.
  • Hugo Strange: I am. A combination of first, second and third degree burning, hmmm, the scar tissue is quite fascinating.
  • Two-Face: You think?
  • Hugo Strange: And that is all it took to make you the way you are?
  • Two-Face: Give me my coin.
  • Hugo Strange: Not yet.

Tape 3[]

  • Two-Face: What is it, Strange? Are you enjoying this?
  • Hugo Strange: Not in the slightest. Let's go back further. You were a rising star, a beacon of light for this city. A white knight riding in to save it with the dark knight not far behind.
  • Two-Face: You can leave him out of this. He is wrong. They all are. No one understands the beauty of fate's hand. I am grateful to Falcone. He gave me a clarity; a purity that few will know. Everything boils down to a simple choice, this way or that way, good, or bad.
  • Hugo Strange: Do you really believe that?
  • Two-Face: How could I not?
  • Hugo Strange: Interesting... So all you need is this coin and everything is simple?
  • Two-Face: Give me it!
  • Hugo Strange: Or what about this coin? Or this? Or these?
  • Two-Face: What are you doing?
  • Hugo Strange: Proving a point. Fate didn't make you answer my question. I did. I replaced your coin with my own. See? You answered me because I wanted you to.

Tape 4[]

  • Hugo Strange: How is he today?
  • TYGER Guard: The prisoner has been quiet. Since getting those coins, he has spent most of his time examining them.
  • Hugo Strange: Good. Hello, Harvey. Are you ready to talk?
  • Two-Face: Leave us. We don't want to talk, not to you.
  • Hugo Strange: Please. Take a seat. I have one last thing to discuss and then I will give you something in return.
  • Two-Face: I don't know. I can't decide. It's too confusing.
  • Hugo Strange: Of course it is. I want to talk about Mr. Wayne.
  • Two-Face: Why?
  • Hugo Strange: Indulge me.
  • Two-Face: We don't like the guy.
  • Hugo Strange: Hardly surprising. Did you ever consider that you were alike? A traumatic event created you, an equally traumatic event altered him.
  • Two-Face: He's nothing like us. There's no... no risk, no... danger. It's all just money and girls. We should kill him.
  • Hugo Strange: Maybe you should.

Tape 5[]

  • Hugo Strange: Listen to me, Harvey. I am going to give you a simple choice. This is your coin.
  • Two-Face: Is it? Why should I trust you?
  • Hugo Strange: It was your father's, correct? You know every inch of it. When you close your eyes you can feel it can't you?
  • Two-Face: Give me it. Please.
  • Hugo Strange: I want you to understand what I am about to tell you. You believe that this coin determines the fate of your world. I however believe that your condition has always been present. It was there before you were attacked and it is still there now. You probably had headaches, your wife found you unpredictable, scary sometimes.
  • Two-Face: Give us it!
  • Hugo Strange: I am going to throw the coin in the air. If you let it fall, I will do whatever I can to cure you. I will help you become the man you used to be.
  • Two-Face: Or?
  • Hugo Strange: If you grab it, I will let you loose in Arkham City and I will tell you what Catwoman is doing right this second.
  • Two-Face: We can't decide.
  • Hugo Strange: You have to. At this moment Catwoman is preparing to steal the contents of the safe in your old campaign office.
  • Two-Face: The bitch! We need to stop her.
  • Hugo Strange: And you may. Goodbye Mr. Dent.