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Two-Faced Bandit is a Most Wanted mission in Batman: Arkham Knight.


Alfred informs Batman about a bank alarm going off in Chinatown. Batman heads on to investigate. He finds several Two-face thugs robbing it, with the man himself on the intercom.

The mission consists of three parts, each being fairly similar to each other, with a timed section with the alarm on, making loud takedowns less noisy, and when enough thugs are taken out, the alarm goes off and Batman needs to silently defeat the remaining enemies. Each location is larger than the last and require more thugs to be taken out.

After defeating the first wave of thugs in the third location, Two-Face enters the bank himself, being guarded by multiple thugs, out of which some are medics, some carry Detective Mode jammers, One carries a Detective Mode tracker, and some are wearing optic deflection armors. After all of them are taken out, Batman takes Two-Face to the GCPD, with the latter also confiscating the money. However, it was later revealed that Two-Face anticipated the possibility that he would have been stopped by Batman before he could succeed at robbing banks and that the GCPD would confiscate the bank's money, and had exploited Batman and Nightwing's activities in destroying weapons caches owned by the Penguin by having several of his men rob banks at Blüdhaven instead, resulting in him having succeeded regardless in robbing banks overall, with their proceeding to launder the money by the time Robin got involved.


  • The banks are filled with objects that can be interacted with the Remote Hacking Device, which can create traps that can take out multiple thugs at once, such as chandelier controls.
  • Despite his supervillain status, Two-Face is only human, and thus can be taken out with a single takedown like any regular thug. This is ironic, considering Two-Face is canonically recognized as a formidable physical opponent and combatant, even way before meeting Batman, and was even trained by Batman at some point. Unlike in Arkham City, he doesn't have even an energy bar.
  • Despite loud takedowns being less noisy, thugs can still hear them is they are close enough.
  • Once you stop the looters, Two-Face will send in three waves of thugs to take you out. The Chinatown Bank has Headset Goons who will see you in the dark. If you do an inverted takedown cut the thug down before they spot you or use the grates. The Dresher Bank has Detective Mode Jammers which can disable your equipment take these guys out before you take out the rest of the thugs or you will be spotted. The last wave in the Kingston Bank has Militia and Medics who wear Optic Deflection Armor on hard and after you found Red Hood plus Two-Face himself. Take the Medics out first and then take out Two-Face and the two guards with the armor.
  • If you want a larger payout go after the looters first ignore the patrolling goons that way the cash amount stays where it is and Two-Face does not get his hands on it.
  • Weapon containers, being this time trucks carrying weapons acquired from Penguin, cannot be disabled or sabotaged here.


  • The optic deflection armor is not introduced until late on the storyline. If the mission is attempted before this, there is no info about their suits. This can be surprising for new players.
  • In the Drescher branch of the Bank of Gotham, after Batman takes out a thug, Two-face spins the coin and informs the thugs whether their families get money or a bullet.
  • The first Bank becomes an AR challenge map, and is the first and only predator map in the series that gives stars depending on how fast you manage to take out 10 thugs.


  • In New Game Plus, Two-Face will arrive with Medic gear on him.
  • Depending on when the Most Wanted Mission is completed, Two-Face's exchange with Batman while in transit to the GCPD will vary:
    • If it was before confronting Scarecrow at Arkham Asylum, Two-Face will tell Batman that Harvey Dent was dead because of him, with the Dent side of his personality citing that he wished he were dead and continues to blame Batman for Carmine Falcone throwing acid into his face, with Batman citing that this wasn't his fault, Two-Face then proceeding to mention that Batman put Falcone "into the dock" and Dent proceeded to tell Batman that he promised to get rid of crime together, with Batman apologizing.
    • If it was after Batman confronted and defeated Scarecrow, Two-Face will curse out Batman, while Dent will inquire whether it was indeed true that Batman and Bruce Wayne are one and the same, with Two-Face then laughing and stating they know the truth anyway, with Dent then deciding it probably isn't true, since Jim Gordon and him didn't strike a deal with Bruce Wayne, and Two-Face commenting that it definitely isn't Bruce Wayne waiting on the rooftops at night, Dent proceeding to state that it's not the face he was given, and Two-Face mentioning it's the face he chose that's most important. It is also worth noting that it is the only transit conversation where Batman does not speak at all.
      • The second dialogue takes some inspiration from Batman Begins, specifically about which identity is real and which is the mask. Just like the original version, Dent and Two-Face agree that Batman is the real person.
      • If Two Face Bandit is completed before or after Gunrunner Two Face and Penguin will taunt each other or Batman depending on who is brought in first. If you bring Penguin in first Harvey will taunt Cobblepot and Cobblepot will taunt Batman. If you bring Two Face in first Harvey will taunt Batman and Cobblepot will mention working with him was a bad idea with Harvey rebuking Cobblepot.