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The Ultra Batclaw in Arkham Asylum.

The Ultra Batclaw is a gadget used in Batman: Arkham Asylum. It replaces the Batclaw as a stronger version of the gadget.

The Ultra Batclaw has three claws (instead of the normal Batclaw's one claw) at the end of the gun which could be used to take down weak walls, ventilation covers, and Joker's Henchmen.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham Origins Incident[]

The Ultra Batclaw did not exist at that point in time, but the normal Batclaw was used.

Arkham Asylum Incident[]

Batman returned to the Batcave near Dead Man's Point on Arkham Island to analyze and run tests on the plant spores collected from Killer Croc's Lair. While Batman was synthesizing the Titan antidote, he was interrupted by Poison Ivy's Plants that destroyed the Batcave.

After he avoided the plants, Batman quickly assembled the Ultra Batclaw and escaped to take down Poison Ivy. He then used it in order to get access to the control rooms in the Caves that pumped the water into the Gotham City River. Afterwards, Batman used the Ultra Batclaw for the rest of the incident.

Arkham City Incident[]

The Ultra Batclaw could not be acquired in Batman: Arkham City, but rather, the normal Batclaw was used.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

The Ultra Batclaw was again left out, for unknown reasons.


  • It was unknown why the Ultra Batclaw wasn't able to be acquired in Arkham City, although it was possible that it was still a prototype during Arkham Asylum, and that it was still in testing during the events of Arkham City. Alternatively, it could be possible that Batman invented the gadget on the spot given how out of control Poison Ivy and her plants were getting, and he created it from spare Batclaws to combat and traverse the changed landscape of Arkham Asylum.