I'm outfitting the Batmobile with the latest in ground-penetrating sonar, Mister Wayne.
— Lucius Fox
Ultra Sonic Emitter

The Ultra Sonic Emitter (Sonar) is an upgrade installed into the Batmobile, which then used by Batman to find Ivy's ancient plant in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Incident Report

Arkham Knight Incident

After witnessing the death of Barbara behind the glass chamber, Batman thought of a way to neutralize the Fear Toxin, to cooperate with Poison Ivy since she was immune to it, he recalled. However, Ivy is not capable of producing a large amount of antidote and therefore she needs the help of the ancient root system being buried deep underneath Gotham City. The Ultra Sonic Emitter is then collected by Batman from the Wayne Tower  when Lucius Fox was done working on it, but not until he has cleared the parking ground with Arkham Knight's Drones.  Batman follows the scanned image  to Founders' Island and unearths the plant.


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