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Venom Connection is a challenge map in Batman: Arkham Origins. The map is located inside an unknown chemical plant, and enemies consist of several unarmored/armored henchmen, one sniper and a Detective Mode jammer.

It is part of the Knightfall DLC pack and campaign, and thus is exclusive to the Playstation 3 version.



  • Explosive donation - Take down an enemy with a propane tank using the Remote Claw.
  • Fists of fury - Take down an enemy with a beatdown.
  • Fall guy - Take down an enemy from a walkway with the Batclaw.


  • Have a nice trip - Slide into an enemy and then knock him out on the ground.
  • Smoke Detector - Confuse an enemy with a stun grenade and take him down as he panics.
  • Breaking and entering - Perform a takedown through a weak wall.

Bruce Wayne[]

  • Mind your head - Knock down an enemy with a shuriken and perform a ground takedown on him.
  • Grate then grab - Exit a floor grate and take down an enemy without being detected.
  • Over the ledge - Hang from a ledge and pull an enemy down.


  • The map shares it's layout with the Batman: Arkham City challenge map, Natural Selection, remade into a chemical plant.
  • The chemical plant has no entrance. This is most likely simply an oversight.