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"We are live just outside of Arkham City in the Heart of Gotham."
—Vicki Vale

Vicki Vale is an investigative reporter who got her start at the Gotham City Gazette, where she quickly rose to fame for her unwavering commitment to rooting out the ugly truths behind Gotham's corruption and poverty.

Focusing more and more on Batman's feats, Vicki turned her attention to the opening of Arkham City.

She'd risk life and limb to portray the danger the prison city posed to the public, perhaps overly confident that Batman would be there to catch her when she fell.

Incident Reports

Before Arkham Origins Incident

Vicki Vale wrote a news article about the question of the real identity of the Red Hood.

Arkham Origins Incident

Vicki Vale was seen interviewing Bruce Wayne about his plans for Christmas Eve. Sometime after, she, along with her team in Blackgate Prison when Black Mask and his men invaded it. She was imprisoned by some of his mobsters in a cell until Batman arrived and beat them down, only for her to back away in fear, begging Batman not to hurt her or her team, not knowing that he was not a threat. Eventually, she was released from her cell and was seen reporting on the events at the Gotham Royal Hotel via helicopter. Due to an explosion caused by the Joker, Batman ended up clinging to the side of her helicopter. He eventually let go and fought Bane and his mercenaries, while Vicki filmed the whole thing until the camera broke and then they left.

Beforehand, she also tried to get an interview of Bruce Wayne as to why he remained a bachelor on Christmas Eve, only for him to brush her off and state that she "just ran out of time." This would later come back to haunt Wayne, or rather, Batman when Bane had that clip in a loop on his computer in his hideout, which was implied to be due to Batman telling him the same phrase at the climax of their fight at the Gotham Royal Hotel.

Cold, Cold Heart Incident

Vicki was present at Bruce Wayne's New Year's Eve Party at Wayne Manor, where Ferris Boyle accepted the Humanitarian of the Year Award. However, Mister Freeze arrived with some Penguin thugs and crashed the party. She was later saved by Batman from the thugs, who declined to give her an exclusive. At the end, Vicki reported the incident at GothCorp, and personally thanked Batman for saving her and Gotham City.

Before and During Arkham Asylum Incident

During this period, it can be assumed that Vicki continued to pursue her journalism career, reporting some of Batman's escapades, especially the riots at Arkham Asylum.

After Arkham Asylum Incident

Soon after the events at Arkham Asylum, Vicki interviewed Warden Quincy Sharp, who made himself out to be the hero in stopping the prisoners at the time. Vicki, however, felt something was wrong, believing his "heroism" at Arkham was pulled out of thin air. Later on, Vicki once again interviewed the former warden on Gotham Nightliner, which she co-hosted, where he apparently kept stumbling in keeping a consistent or logical story, finally convincing her of her suspicions. She continued to press Sharp, breaking him and his story down more and more, but just when she thought she was about to break him, Sharp suddenly regained his composure and confidence and managed to throw off Vicki (This would be an instance of Hugo Strange's control of Sharp, making a puppet out of him in order to continue Sharp's campaign and lead into the creation of Arkham City). Sharp continued to campaign for mayor, and though Vicki failed to crack him, she continued to pursue the truth of the Arkham Asylum incident and his strange and sudden retaining of self-command from that Gotham Nightliner interview.

Before Arkham City Incident

Sometime after Arkham City's ribbon-cutting ceremony, Vicki Vale continued to cover the Mayor's unimpressive record in curbing crime and corruption despite heavily populating Arkham City with the most dangerous criminals and instituting unpopular curfews across Gotham. Vale was then approached by a woman named Eva, who was the wife of one of those arrested for public disorder. Vale then agreed to meet with the woman for coffee to discuss matters.

Vale then approached Bruce Wayne at the end of the Gotham Chamber of Commerce meeting. She informed Bruce about the situation with Eva and getting his opinion on the Mayor's current actions in arresting protesters. Bruce then gave Vale his card and instructed her to have Eva call his office to arrange for Bruce to pay for the woman's appeal. Mainly as a result of the attention brought to the case by Bruce Wayne's influence, Eva's husband was released, with the court ruling that his two weeks in jail would serve as appropriate punishment for his minor crimes. The ruling also came to challenge the Mayor Sharp's firm attempts to jail protesters, something which Vicki herself highlighted when she covered the case live on Gotham 4 News.

As a result of the case's conclusion, it was ruled that only serious offenders would warrant imprisonment within Arkham City. All of the imprisoned protesters were also released on appeal. Vale then inquired whether the Mayor would allow himself to partake in a studio debate with Bruce Wayne to discuss Gotham's response to crime. Sharp found himself with no choice but to allow Vale's request.

At some point later, Vale rode in a Channel 3 News helicopter to report on a fire that had engulfed a store called Derek's Electronics. When the helicopter arrived, the Batman attached himself to the helicopter, with TYGER forces in hot pursuit. Undeterred by the prospect of civilian casualties, the TYGER forces fired on Vale's helicopter, causing it to spin out of control and crash on the ground. Batman's timely intervention managed to save the life of Vale and her cameraman Phil, but it was too late to save the pilot who had ended up riddled with bullets. After calling for ambulance services, Batman reassured Vale while also cautioning her about becoming a potential target. Since any news footage of the incident had been lost and the helicopter crash had destroyed any other evidence, Batman pointed out it would be hard to prove TYGER's culpability, especially given Channel 3's previous clashes with the Mayor's agenda. Shortly after Batman left, two ambulances finally arrived to aid Vicki and her cameraman.

Arkham City Incident


Vicki Vale reporting on Bruce Wayne's press conference outside Arkham City

Vicki was assigned to cover a press conference hosted by Bruce Wayne about Arkham City and witnessed him being taken prisoner by TYGER security. She managed to escape and shortly after reported on the developing crisis, stating that the Mayor's office had refused to justify Bruce Wayne's incarceration. When Jack Ryder encountered the Batman in Arkham City, he stated that there was no way he would allow Vale to take over his show. She later reported on the rumors that Batman was in Arkham City, where she became the victim of Joker's belief that Batman had double-crossed him.

Lured to Arkham City airspace, Vicki's helicopter was shot down and Batman was forced to protect her from the Joker's snipers. Upon getting her to safety, Batman told Vicki to stay out of sight. Joker interrupted the conversation and stated that he had shot down the news helicopter so that Harley Quinn would have enough time to get the cure for the Titan poison back to Joker. At that same moment, Mad Hatter could be seen putting on his hat just a few meters away. Vicki was left at the Gotham Casino and stated that she wanted to question both Quincy Sharp and Hugo Strange about Arkham City.

Later that night, Vale was determined to dive into the thick of the developing events on the ground. Walking out into the streets, she was soon met by two men dressed as GCPD members who she presumed would bring her to the safe zone. She asked them about Jack Ryder's whereabouts, but the guards seemed to be confused about what she was asking. After asking them another array of questions which they were unable to answer, the guards suddenly attacked her and knocked her out. The guards took off their disguises, revealing themselves to be Dumfree and Deever, two henchmen assigned to kidnap Vale.

Soon after, Vale woke up in what appeared to be the Mad Hatter's lair. Hatter referred to her as Alice, which made Vale realize that she was indeed wearing the outfit with an outward appearance of Alice from Lewis Carroll's book. Hatter then explained that he had undressed her and placed the new outfit upon her, which caused Vale to seethe in anger, calling Hatter slimy and perverted.

Hatter then brought her to the 'tea party' which consisted of multiple women dressed up to be Alice, including Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Jenna Duffy and an officer named Ruiz. When Batman arrived to break up the party, most of the 'Alices' were compelled to attack Batman. After Hatter was finally defeated, Batman helped all of the women recover and dress back into their previous outfits. Vale thanked Batman for his efforts once more and Vale then revealed that they would be going to the Church to hide for the timebeing. Batman asked Officer Ruiz to escort Vale which she agreed to. Vale then asked Batman about Hatter. Batman told her that Hatter had escaped, but would likely face troubles of his own out in the night.

Later that night, Vicki was seen in the Gotham Cathedral, interviewing Quincy Sharp following his own incarceration into the city.

Harley Quinn's Revenge

Vicki HQR

Robin listening to Vicki Vale interviewing Commissioner Gordon in Harley Quinn's Revenge

Vicki reported on the situation in Arkham City on Gotham FM which could be heard on the radio in the Manager's Office and the Dry Dock at the Steel Mill and the Shipyard. She could also be heard over a police radio trying to interview Commissioner Gordon about his conversation with Batman at the start of the mission.

Before Arkham Knight Incident

At some point Vicki managed to get her hands on a shipping manifest that proved that Quincy Sharp had ordered and approved of the weapons that were shipped into Arkham City for the gangs and the criminals to use in order for Protocol 10 to be activated. With Sharp's reputation destroyed, he committed suicide and made Vicki responsible for his death.

At some point Vicki was set for a date with Bruce Wayne at a gala, but Bruce didn't show. She then called him up at approximately 8:37 PM to show her irritation and confusion. The following day Vicki covered the aftermath of a bombing at the VIP Lounge of the Iceberg Lounge, interviewing its owner Oswald Cobblepot.

Arkham Knight Incident

Vicki left several phone messages at Wayne Tower in Lucius Fox's Office over the course of several days. During the night of Scarecrow's attack, Vale called up James Gordon at the GCPD, attempting to get a quote, which only served to annoy and anger Gordon, questioning why Vale was even still in Gotham. Later, Vicki was seen reporting on Batman's unmasking as Bruce Wayne by Scarecrow.

In a dreamlike hallucination caused by Scarecrow's fear gas, Batman's Joker persona saw a news report by Vicki talking to Glen Woodburn. In the fictional report, they emphasized how forgettable Joker had become.

After Batman recovered from the hallucination, Vicki was later seen outside Wayne Manor after Batman's identity was unveiled. By then she was still in disbelief at the news, finding it difficult to believe that the man she had once dated was actually Batman. As Batman arrived in the Batwing, Vicki and the other reporters got to see Wayne walking unmasked and enter the Wayne Manor entrance. As Alfred Pennyworth caught sight of her, his mind briefly remembered liking Vicki during her dating period with Bruce, and would have considered her to be a great romantic partner for Bruce had circumstances been different. As Vicki continued to provide commentary to the event, she suddenly witnessed Bruce Wayne's apparent death when the mansion was blown up. Vicki was one of the bystanders that stood close to the gate as the mansion continued to burn and collapse among itself.


Although Vicki was not present in Arkham Asylum, she was, however, in Arkham City. Vicki was first seen during the opening cutscene at Bruce Wayne's press conference outside Arkham City and during the "Rescuing Vicki Vale" mission. After completing the game, Vale would be located at the Church Medical Center, interviewing Quincy Sharp about Arkham City.

Psychological Profile

Vicki Vale

Real Name: Victoria Vale

Batman's Database Profile

Victoria Vale

Dr. Hugo Strange

Vicki Vale Real Name: Victoria Vale


  • Hard-nosed reporting skills
  • Gotham's most trusted name in news


Arkham Origins

  • "No man is an island, Bruce. You've been back for almost two years now, you can't expect me to believe that Gotham's most eligible bachelor is spending another Christmas alone?"
  • "Let me out! Do you know who I am?" (Black Mask's Henchmen)
  • "On second thought, you can leave me in the cell. I'm fine here, thanks." (Black Mask's Henchmen)
  • "Is that? It's - it's really him... Are we safe in here?" (To Cameraman about Batman)
  • "What if he comes for us? We need to get prepared." (To Cameraman about Batman)
  • "And you believe everything you hear on the news?" (Cameraman)
  • "Yeah. And neither do we." (Cameraman)
  • "Are you trying to get us killed?" (Cameraman)
  • "We - we should film this. Where's your camera?" (To Cameraman about Batman's fight with Black Mask's Henchmen)
  • "Please. We don't want any trouble." (Batman)
  • "Who is he??" (Batman)
  • "Good lord! I don't believe it! Tell me we're still getting this!" (Explosion at the Royal Hotel)
  • "This is Vicki Vale reporting live from the Gotham Royal Hotel where there has just been a massive explosion! And now it appears the Batman - has been blown from the building by the blast and is somehow hanging from the bottom of our helicopter!"
  • "What's this? Several armed men have gathered on a balcony." (Bane's Mercenaries)
  • "We wait for him to jump." (To Helicopter Pilot about Batman)
  • "Wait until he jumps or you'll be working traffic from now on! You hear me!?" (Helicopter Pilot)
  • "After years of on-and-off unconfirmed sightings, with no recorded video, we've seen the Bat twice tonight and caught him on film! Could this be the turning of a new leaf for the mysterious vigilante? Is he about to become a public figure? One thing's for sure - after what I've seen him do tonight, he's on his way to becoming a household name. You saw it here - tonight. The Batman on live television. This is Vicki Vale, signing off."

Cold Cold Heart

  • "Bruce? Bruce, do you have a minute?" (Bruce Wayne)
  • "Someone said an iceberg just appeared - exploded - in the ballroom. I need details. What happened? Who do you think -" (Bruce Wayne)
  • "He never made it to the interview." (To Bruce Wayne about Ferris Boyle)
  • "Wait. You're not going out there alone, are you?" (Bruce Wayne)
  • "Bruce - these are dangerous men. Let's just wait for the police." (To Bruce Wayne about Penguin's Henchmen and Mister Freeze)
  • "What turned your boss's skin blue?" (To Penguin's Henchmen about Mister Freeze)
  • "You seriously call him Mister?" (To Penguin's Henchmen about Mister Freeze)
  • "Is he going to kill Ferris?" (To Penguin's Henchmen about Mister Freeze)
  • "That was amazing! You just picked those goons apart!" (Batman)
  • "So, are you here to stop this Mr. Freeze? Save Ferris Boyle?" (Batman)
  • "You know, you really should do an exclusive with me. The people want to know what you're all about." (Batman)
  • "This IS important. You've become a hot issue for this city. You need to state for the record what you're trying to accomplish." (Batman)
  • "Think about that exclusive. You need to manage that image before someone else manages it for you." (Batman)
  • "Thanks, Janine. I'm standing at the corporate headquarters of Gothcorp where Captain Gordon has confirmed that Gothcorp CEO, Ferris Boyle, has been taken into police custody."
  • "Police report that Mister Boyle stands accused of manslaughter, extortion, and attempted murder-shocking accusations given that just earlier tonight he accepted the Wayne Foundation's award for Humanitarian of the Year."
  • "Also in custody is the notoriously elusive underworld crime boss, Oswald Cobblepot, better known as the Penguin. As well as a Gothcorp cryogenicist, Victor Fries."
  • "Mr. Fries is being held under heavy guard at Gotham General receiving treatment for an undisclosed medical condition."
  • "Quincy Sharp has suggested that Mr. Fries is yet another example of the type of criminal that needs the specialized care that only Arkham Asylum can provide."
  • "Police credit these arrests to solid police work, but this reporter suspects the vigilante known as the Batman had more than a small role to play."
  • "On a personal note, I owe Batman a debt of gratitude for rescuing me from almost certain death earlier this evening. So, thank you, Batman. For all of us. Back to you, Janine."

Arkham City

  • "Any truth to the rumors Joker has poisoned Gotham? What about this place? Do you approve of Professor Strange? C'mon, Batman. Give this girl a break."
  • "Do you think the Joker made the call to the network? It must have been him. He got us just where he wanted us."
  • "Thanks for the help back there. Are you sure you have no comment?"
  • "C'mon, Batman. There's more going on than meets the eye, right?"



  • While Batman used the Grapple Gun to carry off every other character that he rescued in the game, he used the Line Launcher when he rescued Vicki Vale from the Joker's henchmen following the helicopter crash. That was likely a reference to Batman (1989) where he used his gauntlet-mounted zip line (a predecessor to the Line Launcher) to carry her away from the Joker's reach.
  • Much like in Batman (1989), Vicki was blonde in the game, rather than having her usual red hair.
  • Apparently, Jack Ryder viewed her as a rival journalist, and remarked: "No way is that Vale bitch taking over my show."
  • Vicki's investigations became more and more focused around Batman and Bruce Wayne. Unbeknownst to her, they were the same person.
  • Up until the Blackgate Prison breakout, Vicki Vale and the press thought that Batman was an urban legend with the rumors that were started by the GCPD.
  • One of the voicemails to Bruce Wayne's phone had her alluding to an article that was implied to have soured relations between Bruce and her, though she blamed Jack Ryder for the article in question.
    • The voicemail implied that Vicki and Bruce were once in a relationship. Jack Ryder later confirmed this in one of his conversations with Batman. The novelization for the game also briefly touched upon their dating history.
    • Bruce and Vicki's dating history may be another reference to the Batman (1989) as Bruce and Vicki fell in love during the movie and began a relationship (which had ended by the events of Batman Returns).