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Vincent Falcone was the head of the Falcone Crime Empire.


Vincent is the father of Carla Viti and Carmine Falcone, the latter being the current heir to the family empire.

Incident Reports[]

Before Arkham Origins Incident[]

Born the son of Al Falcone (born Alberto Falco), Vincent Falcone inherited his father's criminal enterprise, showing a greater understanding of the American criminal landscape than his father who was an immigrant from Italy.

Luigi Maroni is known to have shot Carmine Falcone, Vincent Falcone's son as a warning to the Falcone crime family. Desperate to save his son's life, Vincent turned to surgeon Thomas Wayne, who saved Carmine's life.

Arkham Origins Incident[]

During the events of the Blackgate breakout on Christmas Eve, Vincent was still the head of the Falcone family empire.

After Arkham Origins Incident[]


GCPD Profile[]

Vincent Falcone