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Batman using the Voice Synthesizer to mimic Harley's voice at Panessa Studios in Arkham Knight.

The Voice Synthesizer is a device used in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Like the Remote Hacking Device, it could help with accessing security panels, but the Voice Synthesizer accessed panels that required voice activation. It also had the ability to manipulate henchmen during Predator Mode, as well as Riddler Robots for the Riddler's Challenges. It replaced the Sonic Batarang.

Incident Reports

Arkham Knight Incident

Batman created this device from a voice modifier that previously taken from a Militia driver who masqueraded as The Arkham Knight, and gave it a calibration of Harley Quinn's voice in order to regain access to Panessa Studios after Harley took over and reprogrammed the security panels to activate only when her voice was given. After Batman defeated Harley, he reprogrammed the security panels to their original state.

Later, when Batman went back to the Stagg Enterprises Airships to find Simon Stagg and learn how to stop the Cloudburst, he learned that Stagg had increased the security in his blimps and calibrated the Voice Synthesizer to use Stagg's vocal pattern, which allowed him to gain access to panels that required Stagg's voice recognition.

After Batman found that Stagg had escaped his containment and the Arkham Knight's Militia patrolled the blimp for him, Batman gave the Voice Synthesizer a calibration of the Arkham Knight's voice disguise in order to manipulate the Militia and took them down.

After Batman defeated a Riddler Robot in a Riddler Challenge, he calibrated the Voice Synthesizer in order to gain control of Riddler's robots for the challenges ahead.


  • When ordering Militia around, Batman would always use the voice of the Arkham Knight, even after he was defeated and replaced by Deathstroke. The soldiers still followed the orders, and often expressed their joy that the Arkham Knight was back, which showed extreme loyalty to their leader.
  • Two-Face's Gang was the only gang fought in Predator Mode who couldn't be moved around with the gadget, as they didn't wear headsets.
  • When compared to the Sonic Batarang, the Voice Synthesizer was better and worse in several ways:
    • It could be used more often, and was more specific, as any thug could be moved with it. It also could be used to trick enemies to activate traps, such as electrified ammo crates.
    • It however, had a limited amount of uses, as the announcer would realize and counter the trick after a few uses. The Sonic Batarang could be used an unlimited amount of times, as long as it was not detonated.
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