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This is the walkthrough for Chapter 1 of Catwoman's DLC in Batman: Arkham City.

In this chapter, Catwoman breaks into Two Face's territory, looking for a special data chip, while the player is introduced to the basic combat of the game.

Checkpoint 1[]

You'll see a brief cutscene where Two-Face's guards are keeping watch over their boss' special vault, when in comes Batman!'s Catwoman.

Checkpoint 2[]

This is a very short mission. You're up against six thugs, none of them armed. The room with Two-Face's vault is nice and spacious. Keep pressing X to initiate attacks, and hit Y when you see an enemy sneaking up behind you. Pretty simple stuff.

For this walkthrough, our goal for the introduction is to get enough experience to grab our first major upgrade, Critical Strike, by the time you enter the Steel Mill, which will come in handy once you have to start fighting larger groups of enemies at once. As a result, you'll want to end this fight with at least a 17 or 18-hit maximum combo. Here's some tips for that:

  • Don't be afraid to restart from the last checkpoint if your combo breaks.
  • If you see an enemy retreating or alone, initiate a Beat Down (stun him with B/Circle and mash the X/Square button). Beat Downs do significantly more damage when uninterrupted, and you'll have a guaranteed 5 or 6 hits in your combo (on normal enemies). You still need to be watchful, though, because enemies like to sneak up on you and attack while you're Beating Down an opponent. You can press Y/Triangle to counter an enemy's attack while you're in the middle of the Beat Down, and the enemy you were beating up originally will still remain stunned while you deal with the new intruder.
  • It's a bad idea to simply hit the X/Square button a lot if you want a high combo. Think one attack ahead; before pressing the attack button again, make sure you tilt the analog stick towards the enemy you wish to hit.

Checkpoint 3[]

After the fight ends, walk up to the safe and press A/X to end the mission. There aren't any collectibles here, and you won't be able to access this room again either. Watch the next cutscene where Catwoman gets kidnapped.