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This is the walkthrough for the Mr. Freeze boss fight in Batman: Arkham City.

In this chapter, Batman needs to fight the suddenly hostile Mr. Freeze after refusing to retrieve Nora before receiving the cure.

Gotham City Police Department[]

Take your first left, then right, to trigger the pre-boss cutscene.

BOSS FIGHT: Mr. Freeze[]

Mr. Freeze is, hands down, the toughest boss fight in the game. Think the Cobra Unit fights from Metal Gear Solid 3, except much icier. This fight requires you to use five moves in your arsenal ... and each move will only work once. How many times you'll need to take down Freeze depends on your difficulty:

  • Easy requires three times
  • Normal requires five times
  • Hard requires eight times
  • New Game+ requires nine times

Every time you use a particular tactic against Freeze, you will then need to use a Beat Down on him, after which Freeze will activate a specific countermeasure for each move (for example, activating the jet pack on the back of his suit if you try to sneak up on him). Freeze will also activate his suit's shield after he's damaged, which will hurt you if you stay near him too long.

Mr. Freeze has a number of other tricks up his sleeve. If you are in front of him, he will always be able to scan your body heat and track your position. If he can't find you, he will eventually send out scout drones to reconfirm your position. When he does acquire you, he will use his ice gun that Penguin used earlier, as well as frost grenades. Freeze will also be able to see your footprints, which you can use against him. Attempting to attack Freeze head-on will never work, and Freeze will frequently unleash a devastating counterattack in response.

There are twelve different ways of hurting Freeze. Here are the possible tactics:

Freeze Disruptor:[]

  • Using the Disruptor that Freeze gave you earlier will temporarily overload his weapon the next time he attempts to fire it at you. A nice, easy hit.


  • Fire the Remote Electrical Charge at an electromagnet while Freeze is near it and it will cause his suit to malfunction, making him vulnerable.

Silent Takedown:[]

  • Sneak up on Freeze from behind to trigger this.

Grate Takedown:[]

  • Another easy one, so long as Freeze doesn't spot you jumping into the grate. His position after being damaged leaves him vulnerable to attack.

Window Takedown:[]

  • This one's a bit harder due to the way Freeze's movement works. You can't use Corner Cover on windowed walls, so it can be a bit awkward to line up, but it's definitely worth it. Stay crouched and press the Takedown button when Freeze is right next to a window. It can be done even with a window that is already broken.

Overhead Takedown:[]

  • There is a skylight over each of the side labs in the main room. Lure him through the room, then drop on him from above through the skylight.

Ledge Takedown:[]

  • While hanging from a ledge, you can take Freeze down if he doesn't see you while he walks by.

Drop Attack:[]

  • While perched on a ledge, you can use a Drop Attack on Freeze to take him down.

Line Launcher Takedown:[]

  • Requires the Line Launcher Tightrope upgrade. You can use a Drop Attack while walking on the Line Launcher for another takedown. Alternatively, you can fire the line launcher at Freeze from behind and fly towards him to kick him down, leaving him vulnerable to attack.

Glide Attack:[]

  • Leaping from one of the higher places in the room will let you launch a glide attack to knock down Freeze. After doing this, Freeze deploys a countermeasure so that your cape will no longer deploy at all, which limits your mobility in the room. Save this one for later in the fight.

Explosive Gel Takedown:[]

  • This one's also a bit tricky, but it lends itself well as a followup to either the Grate Takedown or Wall Takedown. Spray Explosive Gel on any of the destructible walls and wait for Freeze to come near, then detonate it. If you have the explosive gel equipped, it will alert you when Freeze is in range.


  • There is a puddle of water in the middle of the room with two electric cables in it. Use the red switch near to electrocute Freeze. You can trigger the switch with a batarang, or manually.

Freeze's Offensive Tactics:[]

Freeze uses a few tactics to go after you, which you can defend against:

Heat-Seeker Drones:[]

  • Freeze will fire these in the air if he can't find you for awhile. You can take them down with quickfire batarangs.

Sensor Jammer:[]

  • If you spend a lot of time in detective mode, Freeze will activate his jammer for the rest of the fight. Use detective mode sparingly to pinpoint locations to attack Freeze and don't use detective mode when he can see you.