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This is the walkthrough for getting to Wonder Tower in Batman: Arkham City.

In this chapter, Protocol Ten has been initiated, and everything is blowing up.

Industrial District[]

You need to scan for the helicopter with the master decryption key in order to get into Wonder Tower. The helicopter with the key is randomized every time; you might spend five minutes or an hour looking for it. Once you do find it, head over to Wonder Tower. Since the inmates are being blown up, nobody will attack you on the ground, but if a TYGER helicopter spots you, they will tear you apart.

When you reach the entrance to the Prisoner Processing Unit, neutralize the two snipers on the top floor with the Disruptor, then take them out. Using the new key in the Cryptographic Sequencer, hack into the console to gain access to the barred door.

Arkham City Processing Centre[]

Head right, and open the shutter with the Remote Electrical Charger. Drop down to the lower level and do the same to the next shutter. Head left and drop down to face the new TYGER guards.

Two of the guards have stun rods, which means you need to stun them first, then jump over them to attack from behind, otherwise you will take damage. Alternatively, you can use the three-stun combo to knock them to the ground and make them drop their stun rods. Deal with the enemies however you see fit.

Once they're down, a much larger fight will start, introducing stun rod users into a group fight. There's not much I can help you with here, it's all about combat skill. The one thing I do recommend is restarting from a checkpoint as soon as the fight begins, because upon restarting the enemies will be more spread out, giving you a better chance at fighting them without interference. Once they're down, go through the manhole to the right of the large television screen.

Collapsed Streets[]

Head down, then left, using the Line Launcher to pass over gaps. When you see a broken floor, use the Explosive Gel to blow it up and head through the door.

Wonder Tower Foundations[]

Here's your first Predator section against TYGER guards. Aside from better perception, better armour and higher damage output, the major difference between these guards and the regular thugs is that TYGER guards cannot be frightened. If you whittle their numbers down to just one, that one guard will fight as hard as ever.

That being said, take this section slowly and cautiously, and you should be just fine. There are eight armed guards and proximity mines, so try and isolate the guards and take them out as normal. Just be aware that you'll have to remain on your toes throughout because these guards will never get scared.

Once they're down, walk up to the elevator in the centre of the map and hack it with the Cryptographic Sequencer to lower it down for you. You're on your way to Wonder Tower!