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This is a Guide For The First Chapter of Batman: Arkham Knight.


Nine Monthes Ago[]

James Gordon is burning the remains of Joker. He also mentions The Batman's Death. (Simply Hold The Main A, X or Space).

Pauli's Diner[]

Officer Owens enters a Diner for Bacon and Waffles. He then is confronted by a Bearded Man, saying someone is smoking in the back. Once reaching there he is attacked and starts shooting people in the diner and until attacked.

"Gotham is Relying on One Man to Save us All."[]

Batman head to the GCPD Building to meet Gordon. Batman then glides to a Police Officer being assaulted by Street Thugs. Batman then calls the Batmobile to Chase a Militia Jeep. Once catching Him, Batman goes to a Penthouse in Chinatown. After Defeating all The Men, Batman takes Poison Ivy to The GCPD before being assaulted by Militia and a Rattler. Batman Destroys six more drones. Batman then takes the Weapon Energy Diagnostics Test. Batman then defeats 10-15 more drones at Panessa Studios. Batman then delivers Ivy to GCPD.

"Cash, Give us a Rundown."[]

Aaron Cash then shows The Bodies, Riddler and Firefighters.

Collecting The REC Gun (Optional)[]

Batman can Collect The REC Gun from The GCPD Lockup's Evidence Room.

The Perfect Crime (Optional)[]

Batman can discover the first body by Gliding to The Officer, as the music can be heard. the second (which Aaron Shows.) can be seen at The Bridge.

The Line of Duty (Optional)[]

Batman can discover the first firefighter (which Aaron shows.) near the The second body. The second can be found near ACE Chemicals.

Riddler's Revenge (Optional)[]

Only the Trophy at The GCPD in The Evidence Room can be Collected.

Characters and Cast[]


In Order of Met First to Last:

  • The Bearded Man
  • The Officer


  • The Other Firefighters (Optional)

Indirectly Referenced[]

  • Catwoman (Riddler Said He Had "More In Store".)
  • Professor Pyg (Batman Always Referred To Him Unknowingly as Someone.)

Militia Jeep Boss Fight[]

Batman Fights the Militia Jeep, that blew up the Police Car. It Takes 3 Immobilizer Shots to Defeat it.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • If You want to last longer during Officer Owens' shootout, shoot the guy who usually kills all players first.
  • If you do side missions during this, if going by the bridge body, you can also get the firefighter as he is pretty close by.
  • Collecting the REC Gun here will let you get Riddler Trophies and Shadow War done faster and earlier than usual.
  • At the Jeep fight, take to the sides of the street where it's harder to be hit.
  • At the Penthouse, you can take out the men at the front silently and deal with only 4 inside.
  • In New Game Plus, you can use the Disruptor to sabotage the man's Gun in the Penthouse.
  • In The Penthouse, near the top corner walls are lights and electrical boxes you can use to take out henchmen.
  • You can also use the Fear Takedown on The Rioters at The Firefighters, if on New Game Plus.
  • On New Game Plus, if your Fear Takedowns are Upgraded to 5, you can take out everyone at The Building near Panessa Studios and all but one at ACE Chemicals.
  • Also, if not on New Game Plus, you can use the Batmobile's Riot Suspressor to shoot the men at Panessa Studios, but this will not work at ACE as The Batmobile cannot enter or get close to that area.


  • Here's The Link to Batman: Arkham Videos' Walkthrough.