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This is a Walkthrough for The Second Chapter in Batman: Arkham Knight.


The Clock Tower[]

Tower Control[]


Uncanny Rescue[]

ACE Chemicals[]

The Missing Crew[]

Attempted Murder[]

Bringing In The Car[]

Heading Into The Top[]

The Gunship[]

Down Below[]

3 Days Ago...[]


Telling a Father[]

Tracking Plan[]

The Amertek Wheels[]

"It's a Bomb, Alfred!"[]

Back on The Trail[]

The Car Crash[]

Wonderland (Optional)[]

Shadow War (Optional)[]

Campaign for Disarmament (Optional)[]

Own The Roads (Optional)[]

Occupy Gotham (Optional)[]

The Line of Duty (Optional)[]

The Perfect Crime (Optional)[]

Riddler's Revenge (Optional)[]

Heir to the Cowl[]

Gotham on Fire[]

Collecting The Freeze Blast (Optional)[]