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Watcher in the Wings is a Gotham's Most Wanted side mission in Batman: Arkham City.


"Who is the mysterious figure watching me?"


The Mission begins after Batman has one encounter out of the total four listed below.

Park Row[]

The mysterious man appears on the rooftop immediately across the street from the front entrance to the Courthouse and can be easily seen just after leaving the Courthouse upon rescuing Catwoman from Two-Face and investigating Joker's sniper shot.

He ominously decrees that he's been watching Batman, to see if he is ready, then disappears in a flash of smoke and leaving behind a symbol to be scanned. Doing so reveals it is likely part of a bigger scheme at hand.

Industrial District[]

He appears again once the first encounter with the Joker is complete and can be found at the top of the Ferris wheel sitting immediately north of the Steel Mill.

He openly wonders if the Bat is the one the "prophecies" spoke of before disappearing to leave another symbol behind on the next wheel-box.

The Bowery[]

The Red Knight makes an appearance yet again after dealing with the Penguin in the Museum and can be found on the northwest corner of the building south from where Batman leaves the rescued Mayor Sharp.

He muses that "we have been watching you [Batman] for a long time" before spoofing away again and dropping another symbol.

Amusement Mile[]

The voluntary Arkham resident makes his fourth appearance with the conclusion of the fight against Mister Freeze on the rooftop of the structure to the west of the GCPD building.

He retorts that "the moment" is close and "the truth will soon be shown", and makes a quick exit with the last symbol left.

The Truth Shown[]

With the final encounter and the fourth symbol acquired, they are aligned into a master sigil that must be angled so that all four encounter spots are lined up with the map of Arkham City, to where a fifth spot is revealed at the outer southeast corner of the Church.

Going to the decrypted coordinates reveals a large symbol on the wall, whereby a scan suddenly has the mystery man descend from the rooftop and finally engaged in a proper conversation.

He starts by presenting his name as Azrael, a loyal servant of the Order of St. Dumas. Per Batman's questioning, Azrael continues to wax cryptic messaging in telling him that a great catastrophe will soon befall Gotham and it will cost the Dark Knight dearly in the process. Despite Batman's rebuffing of his assertions, he claims to only be the messenger that has done his duty, and likely will see each other again before vanishing for the final time and completing the Mission.


Batman approaches a mysterious figure watching him from atop a building across the street from the courthouse. He approaches him.

  • Mysterious Watcher: I have been watching you, Batman. To see if you are ready.

He seemingly stabs the ground, disappearing and leaving a symbol for Batman to scan.


  • During Bruce Wayne's entrance into Arkham City, before going to rescue Jack Ryder, if the player looks up to the roof of the righthand building, Azrael can be seen observing the events unfold before shortly vanishing as he does during this mission. This does not preemptively unlock the Mission, however.
  • Throwing a Remote Batarang at Azrael from afar, since getting too close causes him to vanish, is the only way to earn the Catch achievement/trophy. This has to be done before completing all four initial encounters or the achievement is locked until an NG+ run or a new save game.