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WayneTech - Loop Loading Screen

WayneTech - Loop Loading Screen

WayneTech - Loop is a DLC Batmobile race Challenge Map that is included in the WayneTech Track Pack DLC in Batman: Arkham Knight. The track takes place in a hidden underwater facility and combines elements of lap-based and A-to-B checkpoint races. The player needs to drive through the green area of each checkpoint; if it is missed, the green checkpoint disappears and an additional checkpoint must be passed through further down the track.

The default Batmobile is the Arkham Knight Batmobile; star requirements are the same regardless of the Batmobile being used.


  • Complete the course in less than 2:20 for 3 stars
  • Complete the course in less than 2:30 for 2 stars
  • Complete the course in less than 2:40 for 1 star

Rival Points[]

  • Complete in under 2:00 to obtain all 20 Rival Points(RP); one RP is earned for every second under 2:20, the 3 star time.

Time Bonuses and Penalties[]

  • The track contains neither the traditional bonuses nor penalties; however, missing a checkpoint will extend the length of the track.


  • The track takes place in an underwater testing facility designed to test the grip of the Batmobile.
  • The race is unique; instead of the default Lap-based or A-to-B races, the player is put into an infinite loop inside a glass tube, and needs to pass 15 checkpoints within the time limit.


  • This is one of few tracks where drifting makes the race more difficult despite it's significant time saving capabilities; because of this it is recommended to avoid drifting until being comfortable with the mechanic.
  • Driving through the race in first person will help remove the feeling of the controls inverting when on the sides or ceiling of the track.
  • The afterburner has unlimited use and is safe to keep active for nearly the entire duration of the race.