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Wayne Manor Main Hall is an AR Challenge in Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight. It's located on the main hall of the Manor, and enemies consist of default thugs (City) and (Knight).

In City, it's part of the Nightwing Pack DLC, and in Knight, it's part of the Crime Fighter Challenge Map Pack 6, aka the Community challenge pack.

Medals (Arkham City)[]


  • Freeze Frame - Use the Freeze Blast on a henchman, then take him down while frozen.
  • Chaos Theory - Perform an Inverted Takedown from a vantage point on a Thermal henchman.
  • Domino Effect - Kick 3 henchmen in one move using the Line Launcher.


  • Cat Nap - While climbing on the ceiling perform a Takedown on an enemy below you.
  • Pouncer - Perform a Pounce Attack on a henchman and then knock him out on the ground.
  • Skull Cracker - Sneak up behind two henchmen and perform a Double Takedown


  • Zip Kick - Knock a henchman down with the Zip Kick and then take him down.
  • Shield Smash - Use a Shield Bash to knock a henchman off a ledge.
  • Smoke Detector - Use the Smoke Pellet to create a smoke cloud and take down a henchman as he panics in the smoke.


  • Stick Up - Knock down 1 henchman with an Escrima Stick, then take him down.
  • Fall Guy - Batclaw a henchman and pull him off a walkway to take him down.
  • Knock Knock - Distract a henchman with a Wing Ding thrown in the environment and then perform a silent takedown while he is distracted.

Medals (Arkham Knight)[]


  • Kick 3 enemies with the same Line Launch
  • Perform an Inverted Takedown on a Medic from a vantage point
  • Take out an enemy frozen by a Freeze Blast


  • Shuriken then Ground Takedown 3 enemies
  • Shield Bash an enemy over a ledge
  • Zip Kick then Ground Takedown an enemy


  • Perform 3 Floor Grate Takedowns
  • Pounce Attack then Ground Takedown an enemy
  • Perform a Ceiling Takedown


  • Complete challenge in under 2 minutes
  • Electrical Blast then Ground Takedown an enemy
  • Take out an enemy stunned by Escrima Sticks


  • Perform an Ice Smash Takedown on the Detective Mode Jammer
  • Takedown an enemy with a sabotaged Weapons Crate
  • Perform a Fear Multi-Takedown through a weak wall

Harley Quinn[]

  • Perform 2 Jack-in-the-Box Takedowns
  • Perform 2 Beatdowns
  • Take out 2 enemies caught in Snare Traps


  • Take out the Medic last. Do not let them perform a single revive.
  • Take out an enemy in smoke
  • Perform a Ledge Takedown

Red Hood[]

  • Leave the Mine Layer until last
  • Quickfire Shoot the Detective Mode Jammer
  • Perform 3 Corner Takedowns

Character Differences (Knight)[]

  • The Minigunner is replaced by a thug while playing as Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Red Hood or Batgirl.
  • The Detective Mode Jammer is replaced by a normal thug while playing as Catwoman or Harley Quinn.


  • There is a hidden passageway behind some bookshelves. It's visible on detective mode. In Arkham City, it's only accessible by the members of the Bat-family, but can be used by anyone in Arkham Knight.
  • Exclusively in the Arkham Knight remastered version of the map, when playing as Batman, a piano can be played to reveal a crime board with notes consisting of multiple numbers and witness notes, similar to the one in Arkham Origins. The board appears to be an investigation into a murder prior to the start of Arkham Knight Batman was working on. Another prominate feature is what appears to be a cell door with 4-25 written on top of it. Some have speculated that this is tied to Rocksteady's upcoming announcement in April. Or it could be Batman's investigation on his parent's killer.
    • When the date arrived, a moderator posted a birthday congratulation for Joker, as he first appeared in the comics 76 years ago that day.
  • This is the only challenge map in Knight where Harley Quinn is the announcer; However, she never actually talks unless the voice synthesizer is used too much.
  • The Arkham City version is made up of mostly Joker Thugs and one Penguin Thug with Thermal Goggles, while the Arkham Knight version is made up of Penguin Thugs, Two-Face Thugs, and Harley Thugs.