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Wayne Tower is a building that appears in every main Arkham game. Before Batman: Arkham Knight, it was simply a part of the Gotham skyline. It's located on Miagani Island, Central Gotham.

Incident Reports[]

The Arkham Knight Incident[]

Batman entered Bruce Wayne's office on the top floor several times throughout the night. His visits usually consisted of asking Lucius Fox for technical advice, such as tracking the Arkham Knight through his broadcasting channels. While visiting, Batman could engage a security scanner hidden in a bust of Shakespeare that, after verifying Batman's identity, caused two Batpods to rise from the office's floor. One Batpod contained a spare V7.43 Batsuit while the other contained a supply of spare/replacement gadgets, one of which was a prototype Disruptor that Lucius was developing. When these Batpods were unearthed, Lucius joked about Batman "spoiling the surprise" while showing off the then unfinished Disruptor.

Later, Fox dropped off the radar, which caused Alfred to worry about his safety. As the top floor was locked, Batman had to enter throughout the building through the elevator. Upon arrival, he learned that the security was breached by Hush, angry at the Waynes for ruining his life. He took down Hush, and requested Fox to lock him into "the vault", as he couldn't brought onto the GCPD without harm to Bruce Wayne, as not only did Batman have to unmask in front of Hush to subdue him, but Elliot now perfectly resembled Wayne himself.


  • The building is one of the only locations visible in every (main) game, with others being the buildings at Arkham Asylum.
  • It's possible to engage the security scanner hidden in a bust of Shakespeare that can be found on a bookshell. After doing so, two Batpods will emerge from the floor. Inside one will be a V7.43 Batsuit, while in the other will be a supply of spare gadgets.
    • Lucius will walk up to one of the pods and bring out a prototype model for the "Next-generation Disruptor", while commenting on how he couldn't keep the secret with Bruce.
  • A dog bowl with the name "ACE" can be found in the corner of the office. This is in reference to Ace the Bat-hound, a pet dog that Bruce owns who of course is a canine superhero much like Krypto.
  • After the Hush case is closed, Lucius will be sitting at the office's minibar for the rest of the game, likely drinking away the stress of the assault Elliot inflicted on him. He will also apologize to Bruce for using Thomas Wayne's decanter as a bludgeon against Hush, thus breaking it.
  • The answering machine found on the minibar has several voice messages from Vicki Vale (attempting to reassure Bruce that Jack Ryder was behind a less-than-favourable article against him and not her,) a woman named Cassie who apparently dated Bruce (commonly believed to be Cassandra Cain, the second Batgirl,) Lex Luthor (once more attempting to buy out Waynetech's Applied Sciences Division for a billion dollars and failing) and Kate Kane (AKA Batwoman, who asks Bruce if he's still going to her and Maggie's upcoming wedding.) If the main story has not been completed, The Joker will leave two hallucinatory messages mocking Bruce's parents.