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Wild Cat is a DLC combat challenge map that is included in the fourth pack of the Crime Fighter Challenge

Maps in Batman: Arkham Knight. The default character in this challenge is Catwoman. Set in the Wild West portion of Panessa Studios, this is a timed challenge where defeating enemies adds additional time to the timer.


  • 15000
  • 30000
  • 50000


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Wildcat vs Albert King

  • Each defeated enemy adds 2 seconds to the timer.
  • Knocking out multiple thugs with the Multi Ground Takedown special move only counts as one takedown, as the move could otherwise be exploited for practically unlimited times.
  • The challenge map Guardians can be considered the Dual Play version of this challenge.
  • Besides the pun, "Wild Cat" is also the name of one of Albert Kings' wrestling opponents. The challenge takes place in the same room as his boss fight in story mode.