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Wonder Tower in Arkham City.

Wonder Tower is the base of operations for TYGER and where Hugo Strange was for most of the game. Batman invaded it to stop Protocol 10. It was also a part of Gotham history as seen in Batman: Arkham Origins.

Incident Reports

Arkham Origins Incident

Wonder Tower appeared in Gotham City and was located in Sheldon Park. Shiva instructed Batman to go there during the Christmas Eve Incident. There, she and her ninjas tested him in combat. Batman defeated Shiva and her ninjas, but she escaped.

The tower as well as the elevator leading to the Observation Deck is inaccessible throughout the main game.

Cold, Cold Heart Incident

Portraits of the tower in three different stages of construction could be seen hanging in the Wayne Manor.

Arkham City Incident

After Hugo Strange had brainwashed Quincy Sharp, he built a large wall around a portion of the city, built a tower for his base, threw both of Arkham Asylum's and Blackgate Prison's inmates in, and called it Arkham City, with a plan to kill all of the inmates. Batman invaded Wonder Tower to stop the plan, and discovered that Ra's al Ghul was behind Arkham City. Ra's said that Wonder Tower was used to perfect his Lazarus Pit, after he stabbed Hugo Strange through the back with his sword, and the latter activated Protocol 11; which detonated explosives in the tower.

As Batman and Ra's fell, Ra's tried to kill the Dark Knight one more time by stabbing his own sword through his chest when Batman tried to save him, but failed, and Batman let him fall. Ra's landed on the sharp "A" tip of the front gates of Arkham City to his apparent death.

Arkham Knight Incident

Wonder Tower could been seen from Miagani Island during the game, along with Arkham City, Pioneers Bridge and New Gotham from Arkham Origins, as well as Blackgate Prison, Arkham Asylum, and Seagate Amusement Park if you looked really closely. However, Wonder Tower looked different from the version in Arkham City. It was possible that after the explosion caused by Protocol 11, the tower may have been in the process of either being repaired or dismantled.




  • There is a glitch that made the Security Control Center accessible after Wonder Tower exploded. To do that, reach the highest accessible point on the Wonder tower facing Gotham City (antennae) using the grapple hook. After that, start spamming Freeze grenades so that Batman starts rising up in the air. Keep spamming grenades until the grappling hook point appears and then grapple up the gargoyles on the Control Center. However, if you went up there, DO NOT save the game, as this would render the save file useless. That would force you to start over. The only way to prevent this is to glide down to the Observation Deck, where you can save the game safely.
  • Wonder Tower was standing in Sheldon Park in Arkham Origins, which proved that it was a landmark of Gotham City at one point in the past.
  • In Arkham Origins, the top of Wonder Tower can be accessed using mods. But it exists only as a texture and not as a solid object when done so.
  • Wonder Tower looks like the Seattle Space Needle and the Eiffel Tower.
  • For unknown reasons, the Tower is missing in the "Return to Arkham" version of the "Harley Quinns Revenge" DLC as it can´t be seen from the nearby Industrial District.