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"Thought the four of you... couldn't achieve anything. Prove me wrong."
—Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was a superhero, member of the Justice League, princess, and warrior from Themyscira, the island of the mighty Amazons.

Incident Reports[]

Before Kill The Justice League Incident[]

Diana was born on Themyscira, the island of the Amazons; she was the daughter of Queen Hippolyta and the mighty god Zeus, although she did not know her father's identity while growing up. When she discovered her true heritage, she was imbued with the power to arm herself and aid others in the fight for justice. Once Diana learned of the state of Man's World, she decided to leave Themyscira with the idea of helping others as a warrior for peace despite her mother's concern; this journey led her to join the Justice League.

At some point, Wonder Woman alongside the Justice League fought the Sinestro Corps and defeating them. Around this time Batman lets Diana know of his contingency plan against the other Justice League members, if a situation arises.

A few weeks before the Invasion of Metropolis, Wonder Woman goes onto the Daily Planet to be interviewed by Lois Lane.

Ultimately, she's the one who encouraged the League to create "Justice Day," a celebration in which the citizens of Metropolis could get to know the League more personally. On this same day, Brainiac appeared in his ship over the city. However, the Justice League launched a diplomatic meeting with Brainiac, unsure of his motives. Diana and Flash were the only ones who didn't fall under his control and could successfully escape.

Kill The Justice League Incident[]

During the three-week invasion led by Brainiac, Wonder Woman and Flash helped evacuate civilians. While trying to save the innocents, her actions are conflicted as she attempts to save her league members who had been brainwashed by Brainiac. She ends up saving Task Force X from a Terminaut and frustratedly asks why they're in the city. She suggests that they leave and that she will not be able to save them again before taking off.

The next time Diana appears, she saves The Squad, this time more inadvertently than intentionally, from the now-brainwashed Flash. Growing desperate to save her friends from Brainiac's control, she tosses the Lasso of Truth around The Flash to interrogate him on how she could stop Brainiac's Invasion. After repeated mocking by the brainwashed Scarlet Speedster, for a brief moment, Diana, via the power of the Lasso of Truth, manages to momentarily break the Flash free of Brainiac's control. Diana is told by Barry that the entire Justice League has to die to save the world, leaving the Amazon princess disheartened and in disbelief while the Flash escapes, resuming his mind control. Afterward, Diana forcefully locks Task Force X inside a shipping container after some harsh comments from Harley Quinn. For an unspecified time after this, Diana tries to peacefully get her fellow League members to snap out of Brainiac's mind control, to no avail.

Final stand against Superman[]

Realizing her worst fears of actually having to use lethal force against her Justice League comrades coming true, Diana obtains Kryptonite. She forges it into her shield, prepping to fight against the mind-controlled Superman lethally. She is interrupted by Task Force X once again in Batman's Batcave. King Shark criticizes Diana's decision to use the Kryptonite for her shield rather than her far more effective sword. Ignoring Shark's warnings and criticisms, Diana departs the Batcave, stating that she does not want or need a lecture on how to fight "a shark."

After Green Lantern's death and Superman stopping the nuclear missile released by Amanda Waller and Rick Flagg, Wonder Woman appears before Task Force X again, calling out Superman's alien birth name of Kal-El. She then heartbreakingly bends down and mourns the death of Green Lantern John Stewart, with Captain Boomerang respectfully reminding the Amazon prince of what Flash had revealed to everyone earlier that day. Diana still tries to convince herself that deep down, the Superman she knew is still in there somewhere, much to the chagrin and dismay of Task Force X. As she tries to vow that she'll save her comrade, the Man of Steel flies in, and tackles her mid-sentence. From this point on, Diana dedicates the rest of her time to trying to save Superman from himself, if not then lethally putting him down for good.

Sometime after the beginning of their fierce struggle, Wonder Woman is tackled into a tank by Superman in front of Task Force X. Diana is pummeled by Superman before he grabs her by the throat and flies off with her elsewhere. Wonder Woman is launched back into the streets in midair by Kal-El. When the brainwashed Kryptonian goes for a lethal diving attack, Diana grabs her shield just in the nick of time and blocks the attack, although Superman slams her into the underside of a highway bridge. Using every ounce of her strength, Wonder Woman barely avoids Clark's heat vision before she slams Superman and herself down into the ground, buying herself a bit of time to recover. She grabs her Kryptonite-forged shield and charges at Superman again, but she is swatted away by a streetlight. Later, Diana manages to pin down the Man of Steel and unleash a barrage of attacks with her shield, only for Superman to counter and hurl her away to continue their battle elsewhere.


Despite her best efforts, in the end, Diana is eventually overwhelmed by Superman, and their battle ends at the foot of the Hall of Justice, just as Task Force X is about to make their way inside the facility. Despite her heavy exhaustion, she does not give in and continues to fight against Superman's overwhelming strength. Diana and Superman duel in the air, which ends in Superman using his ice breath to slow down Wonder Woman and eventually force her back to the ground. The two continue to duel on ground level again, with Diana preparing to make a final push against Superman. The heavily exhausted Wonder Woman begins using her shield to block Superman's heat vision, resulting in the Kryptonite proportions of her shield being shattered by one single blow from Superman, the impact of which sends her flying into a nearby wall. A structural piece of a building is slammed down on Diana by Superman, which is enough to ensure that she stays down.

Diana is forcefully grabbed from the pile of rubble by Kal-El, who prepares to end her, but in a last-ditch effort to save her life, Captain Boomerang distracts the Man of Steel. While Harley threatens Superman to buy Diana some time to escape or kill Superman, Diana attempts to perform the latter by grabbing a reasonably sized chunk of the destroyed Kryptonite and impaling her brainwashed friend in the middle of his chest, seemingly beginning to kill him. She tearfully apologizes to Superman for having to end his life. Diana is absolutely baffled when Superman merely crunches his fist, the Kryptonite seemingly having no effect on him, before he begins using the full power of his heat vision to force her down, fatally wounding her. At the same time, Task Force X helplessly watches on.

After Superman departs to Brainiac's ship to heal his wounds, Diana attempts to express herself to Harley Quinn, who tearfully shushes her out of respect. Task Force X attempts to carry her inside the occupied Hall of Justice, but it is too late.

In her final words, Diana tells the Squad that Superman will recover and return to face them, that they need to be prepared, and that she wants them to prove every harsh statement she made about them false.

Wonder Woman eventually succumbs to her wounds, dying a death worthy of an Amazon warrior, her body turning to ash as a side-effect of the full blast from Superman's laser vision.


Being a proud member of the Justice League, naturally Diana was idolized by the citizens of Metropolis as well as the rest of the world. After her death at the hands of Superman, she was mourned tearfully by Task Force X and Lois Lane due to her bravery and courage in fighting against the brainwashed Justice League and rescuing Metroplis citizens during Brainiac’s three-week invasion. She was the only member of the League who did not fall under Brainiac’s control.

Wonder Woman’s last wish was ultimately fulfilled when Task Force X managed to successfully defeat Superman and Brainiac, thus proving everything that she said about the Squad wrong, albeit posthumously.


From the Files of Lex Luthor[]

I am prone to wild imaginings. As a man of science, speculation is how my brain finds leisure, and the closest thing it knows to “play”.

But there is little amusement to be found in imagining how improved Earth would be if instead of forcing the Amazons into hiding with our cruelty and avarice, we had instead looked to them as a model, replicable if only we could set aside our baser instincts. They’ve solved so many of our society’s ills: broken democracy, lagging technology, toxic masculinity. And thus they flourish through higher learning, mutual aid, and governance without cruelty. They are a golden society, who deserve to be as secret as they are.

Enter Wonder Woman, so named, I assume, because one Wonders why a Woman of her caliber and ancestry would leave paradise to play in the mud with us. In the League, she is a beacon of rational thought paired with profound empathy, or strength and kindness in equal measure. She is a hero, moreso than any who surround her.

Still... her very presence in the League makes me consider whether, if Wonder Woman turned her lasso on herself, a different story would emerge: One of a person who craves the brutality, crudeness and our world, who left her equitable sisterhood for an exclusive brotherhood, and whose own heart is more aligned with the maddened billionaire and over-powered alien then with any of Themyscira’s queens.

Perhaps the Amazons are the golden society... and we have been given their worst.


She has short hair pulled back into a low ponytail. With a golden tiara. She wears a red and gold breastplate, with blue pants, and a brown utility belt with a small satchel bag attached. She dons golden bracelets on each arm.


Wonder Woman is imbued with a variety of superpowers from her father Zeus:

  • Superhuman Strength: Wonder Woman has superhuman strength comparable to Superman as she is able to tackle him and pin him against the ground. When Superman tries to attack her with his heat vision, she is also able to force his head to the side and prevent him from turning it when he attacks her with his heat vision.
  • Superhuman Speed and Reflexes: Diana's speed and reflexes are such that she can use her bracelets to block gunfire.
  • Heightened Durability: Wonder Woman is able to survive incredible injuries such as being thrown to the ground from hundreds of feet in the air or kicked through a wall by Superman.
  • Combat Training: Wonder Woman has trained in various forms of combat and the use of weaponry for centuries. This training made her an formidable warrior, with exceptional skill in hand-to-hand combat, swordplay, and the use of her Lasso.


  • Lasso of Truth: The Lasso of Truth is unbreakable, glowing, and magical in nature. Wonder Woman can aim and throw it to ensnare a target effortlessly. The Lasso forces anyone wrapped in it to speak the truth.
  • Bracelets of Submission: The Bracelets of Submission are magical, indestructible metal gauntlets Wonder Woman wears on her forearms and uses to deflect a wide variety of attacks. Their indestructibility, coupled with Wonder Woman's superhuman speed and reflexes, allows her to block fast-moving projectiles like bullets.
  • Sword of Athena: Like her other weapons, the Sword of Athena is magical and indestructible. The sword's magic allows it to cut through anything, even thick sheets of metal.
  • Wonder Woman's Shield



  • Diana is the only member of the Justice League to be free of Brainiac's control, as well as the only member not be targeted or killed by the Suicide Squad, instead being killed by another member of the League. As her body is disintegrated, Brainiac never had a chance to capture her body, unlike those of the other league members.
  • On Earth-2, her armor is silver instead of gold, resembling her look from the New 52.
  • Harley shows an attraction to and a slight fetish for being dominated by Wonder Woman, having asked her to "step on me next".
  • Lex Luthor appears to admire Wonder Woman as a hero according to his codex bio of Wonder Woman.
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