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This page includes spoiler details from the latest game in the series, Batman: Arkham Knight. Please proceed at your own risk.

Wonderland is a Gotham's Most Wanted mission in Batman: Arkham Knight. The Season of Infamy DLC and 24% of City of Fear is required to unlock it. The villain is Mad Hatter.


Cash tells Batman that Mad Hatter has turned himself in suspiciously, and Batman has to come back and interrogate him to figure out what's going on. Batman heads back to the GCPD, and comes face to face with the insane villain, to interrogate him about the locations of the three officers he's captured. He only gives a cryptic clue about a "siren's song". Batman realizes Tetch is referring to the police cars' sirens.

Batman listens for police sirens going off around the city. Eventually, he finds Officer Katz locked in the trunk of his squad car near the Lady of Gotham statue. He scans the car to find that the Hatter has placed bombs in the car. If Batman were to open the trunk, both the officer and Batman would die. Batman is able to defuse the bombs. He open the trunk to find the Officer Katz wearing a Chesire Cat mask and a recording of the Mad Hatter congratulating him for solving the puzzle.

Batman finds another car with its siren blaring next to a lighthouse near Ace Chemicals. Just like before, he finds a police officer tied up in the trunk and the car filled with bombs. Once again, he defuses the bombs and saves Officer McQueen from the Mad Hatter's trap. He opens the trunk to find McQueen wearing a mask resembling the Queen of Hearts and another recording of the Hatter congratulating him for saving another officer.

Batman finds the final car near Panessa Studios. He defuses the bomb and opens the trunk only to find a bunch of ticking clocks, a book called "Batman's Adventures in Wonderland", and a picture of the White Rabbit. Batman contacts Aaron Cash to tell him the third hostage is gone, but he finds out that Sergeant Lory just returned to the precinct.

Batman then interrogates Hatter once again, in fierce anger. Mad Hatter then puts Batman into another hallucination, during the three chapters of his career. The first wave are the inmates at Arkham Asylum. The second wave is Joker's Henchmen and TYGER Guards at Arkham City. The last wave is in Gotham City, with Batman fighting the Militia, and street thugs. He then fights Officer Hutch, who is wearing a White Rabbit mask. He then rips off Hutch's mask and breaks out of the trance. After defeating all 3 waves, Batman then interrogates Mad Hatter for one last time, and locks him up in a GCPD Cell, with Mad Hatter stating that Batman is his Alice, proving he is truly insane.



  • The Scene Of The Crime – Rescue Mad Hatter’s First Hostage
  • Head Games – Rescue Mad Hatter’s Second Hostage
  • In Storybook Endings – Lock Up Mad Hatter In GCPD


  • Interestingly, each of the cars are in locations that could not be reached with a car, with two being on islands and one atop a small rock formation.
  • It appears that Batman uses the Remote Hacking Device to defuse the bombs, yet is possible to perform this mission without reaching the point in the main story where the gadget is acquired. Its possible that the item used is the Cryptographic Sequencer, simply appearing but not having any coding attributed to it.
    • It's possible having this mission available so early in the game was an oversight. Plot-wise, it would have made more sense for Wonderland to be available after Scarecrow steals the Cloudburst.
  • If you scan the third car, you see a skeleton similar to Officer McQueen's. It appears that Tetch's hypnosis somehow fooled Detective Mode. This could also possibly explain him having no skeleton in Origins.
  • Batman appears to be rendered in cel-shading during the book segment.
  • If the default (8.03) Batsuit is worn during the book segment, Batman will also appear cel-shaded. While this may seem obvious, it's easily missable if the player prefers an another suit.
    • Like the rabbit mask in Arkham City, the cel-shaded version of the suit cannot be used outside of this mission.