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Nightwing aiming a Wrist Dart at an Armored Joker Henchmen in Meltdown Mayhem (Extreme) in Arkham City.

The Wrist Dart is a gadget used by Nightwing in Batman: Arkham City. They are wrist-mounted projectile launchers concealed on Nightwing's forearm capable of firing a dart. The dart injects its victim with a chemical designed to make them fall unconscious.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham City Incident[]

Shooting the enemy in the neck or head rendered them absolutely unconscious. However, it simply stunned them if it was shot at another body part.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

Nightwing had either abandoned their use by the time of Batman: Arkham Knight, or simply didn't have them with him.


The player had a limited supply of Wrist Darts which can be equipped by holding L1/LT/RMB (PS3/XBOX360/PC) and thrown by pressing R1/RT/LMB (PS3/XBOX360/PC). You can also initiate a "Quickfire Wrist Dart" throw by just tapping R2/RB/L (PS3/XBOX360/PC) and it hit the closest or most important target.


  • Quick-firing one instantly downs the target, so using one at the final enemy of a combat challenge wave allows one to move into a ground takedown immediately.