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Zalika was a technopath hacker who ended up in a coma after an attempt went wrong. Kept on life support, Zalika eventually found a way to digitally Astral project and took on the name Hack.

Incident Reports[]

Before Kill the Justice League Incident[]

Amanda Waller kept her locked in a faraday cage to prevent escape into the rest of the world.

Kill the Justice League Incident[]

To be added.


From the Files of Lex Luthor[]

Hack is aspirational. She was a highly advanced hacker and “technopath” capable of nearly superhuman feats of coding and development, until her career was ended by an accident that left her comatose.

Yet her mind – the very source code of her spirit – persevered, undaunted by physical atrophy. She is intellectual purity, digitally personified, and when I look at the virtual ecosystem she has built, I feel the weight of envy.

What could I accomplish if my mind were unleashed, as hers has been? What could I do if I were free of biological responsibility, and able to dedicate my every neuron to the pursuit of knowledge, and the consumption of endless information? Hack is the future. And given her demeanor, I think she knows it.  



  • She is likely the only member of the Support Squad to not have a nano-bomb; since she cannot move her own body, a simple bullet to her head would suffice. Also malware could be used to harm her digital mind.
  • Lex Luthor is envious of what he sees as a perfect evolution; Hack is intellect freed from mortality and its needs.
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