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Zoe Lawton is the only daughter of mercenary and assassin for hire Floyd Lawton, better known by his moniker of Deadshot.


On Earth-1, her birth convinced her father, Floyd Lawton, to retire, while on the neighbouring Earth-2 Zoe's father continued being Deadshot after her birth, and deciding that she came before any job, Lawton would always make sure a portion of the payments he made from his job went to Zoe. One day, Zoe's father would accidentally get transported from Earth-2 to Earth-1, with the two never seeing each other again, and the Earth-2 Floyd Lawton continuing his work as Deadshot in Earth-1, unaware of the fact his counterpart had long retired from the role.

Before Kill the Justice League Incident[]

A decade later, a lot of attention was suddenly was bought onto the Earth-1 Lawton thanks to the actions of his Earth-2 counterpart, and fearing for his now teenage daughter's safety, Lawton would come out of retirement as Deadshot in order to find the man he believes is impersonating him. Months of tracking his counterpart down resulted in the two engaging in a massive shootout, with the Earth-2 Deadshot seemingly getting killed while the now living Lawton was soon arrested by Green Lantern for the lives lost during the shootout. During his time in Arkham Asylum, following being labelled as the actual imposter of Floyd Lawton and considered insane because of his claims, Lawton would attempt to justify himself while on a phone call with Zoe, and while her side of the call isn't heard, she hangs up midway through their conversation, her relationship with her father now strained.

Kill the Justice League Incident[]

When a Brainiac controlled Batman exposed each member of the Suicide Squad to his Fear Toxin in the Batcave in Metropolis, Lawton began hallucinating his daughter's voice expressing her disappointment in him and how he should remain locked up.


  • When listening to Harley Quinn's Biography, Floyd states "If Zoe tried to go out dressed like that..." implying that he will not let her wear explicit clothing.
  • While neither the Earth-1 or Earth-2 Zoe Lawton have been seen in person, pictures of the Earth-1 Zoe can be seen during Deadshot's Fear Toxin hallucination in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.